McKinley Bassmasters







The McKinley Bassmasters, based out of Canton Ohio, is a highly competitive bass tournament fishing club. Members in the McKinley Bassmasters range in experience from novice to expert, providing fun and enjoyment as well as improving skills. We fish seven Team tournaments, plus a club championship to determine the angler of the year. The top six teams in points after these seven tournaments fish the club championship for the title of Angler of the Year and Club Champion, and each is awarded a plaque.

This is one of the things we do best “Comradery”

Our Awesome Team

Scott Greier

Jody Adkins

Mike Chunko

Zac Whaley

Jordan Widder

Jonathan Greene

Barre Widder

Travis Widder

Larry Emerick

Don Monttice

Frank Esway

Mark Ames

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